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Aussie Aussie Aussie

G'Day USA. Australia Week is an important step forward in presenting the modern sophisticated Australian (see, for instance, Peter Black) to the world's largest and wealthiest economy.

Following this week of celebrating everything Australian in the USA, Blawg Review marks Australia Day, down under, on Peter Black's Freedom to Differ.

While we're waiting for Australia Day, do check out Charon QC, who made a video promoting Peter Black's upcoming Australia Day Blawg Review.

Click here to view the Australia Day Blawg Review #196.

MLK Day: A Day of Service

MLK Day will be commemorated by the community of law bloggers with a special presentation, as it has in previous years here and here, this year with Blawg Review #195 hosted by Yolanda Young on her blawg, On Being A Black Lawyer.

In a recent public service announcement, Michelle Obama said the day of service is timed to coincide with Martin Luther King Day, "a day when we honor a man who lived his life in service to others and showed us what we can accomplish when we stand together."

In a separate public service announcement, President-elect Obama also called for national service. "America's greatness was not crafted in skyscrapers alone," he said in the video, "but on the ground by those who could see what needed to be done." The incoming president called on Americans to "step forward" and "help renew America."

The Phoenix Has Landed

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has won recognition from Popular Science magazine as an innovation worthy of the publication's "Best of What's New" Grand Award in the aviation and space category.

Probing the blogosphere for legal bloggers, Susan Cartier Liebel has collected choice samples of the best of what's innovative on law blogs. See her presentation in Blawg Review #194: A Phoenix Rising. Early reports that her blog had crashed on the typepad were proven wrong and, ultimately, the mission was declared a success.

The Lord of Misrule

On the 4th of January, he went by water, from Greenwich to London, and landed at the Tower wharf, attended by a number of young knights and gentlemen, with trumpets, bagpipes, and flutes, and a morris dance with a tabret.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present CharonQC, the Lord of Misrule, presiding over Blawg Review #193 on Twelfth Night.

Carnival Operators Wanted

New opportunities to run your own carnival have been posted in the sidebar of the Blawg Review home page. No experience necessary.