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Google Guest Map w00t!

Check out the new-fangled Blawg Review Guest Map, which we've added so that participants in our little project and our guests can make their mark and link their law blogs on this map of the worldwide web.

Just zoom out to get a broader worldview, or zoom in to find your exact location in "street map view" before putting your mark on the map.

This particularly cool guest map application is based on Google Maps, with all the features of "click and drag" maps, zoom in and out, from street level maps to satellite views. We have guests and law bloggers from all over the world, but the map's initial viewpoint is centered on the USA because most of those participating in Blawg Review seem to be Americans and this perspective facilitates adding markers in that region. (We recognize that there are Blawg Review participants and guests around the world, and we appreciate your participation.)

The key to using this guest map effectively is to "click and drag" the map with your mouse to center on your target area, and zoom in to the close-up street level view, before marking your location accurately. (If you mess up your location on first try—don't worry 'bout it—just send an email to and we'll delete that mistake so you can get your location right-on next time.)

After you add yourself to our guest map, if you think this is the greatest thing you've ever seen on Blawg Review, you might want to mention it on your law blog and link to this post so your peeps can check it out for themselves.

When we have about a thousand World Wide Waldos on our map, your anonymous editor might even hide himself in plain sight. ;-)