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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Avast, ye scurvy bastards!

As a boy, George M. Wallace always wanted to talk like a pirate; in adulthood, he became an insurance lawyer. Click on the graphic above to see his excellent presentation of Blawg Review #153. Arrgh!

TechnoLawyer Gets It

Blawg Review #152 will be hosted on TechnoLawyer Blog next. While you're waiting, we recommend taking another look at BlawgWorld 2007 -- available here for free. Just click on this link or the picture above.

And, now, sit back and enjoy Blawg Review #152, TechnoLawyer style. Click on the screen below to see the presentation.

St. Patrick's Day Festival

Blawg Review #151 celebrates St. Patrick's Day on March 17th from Dublin, Ireland, this year.
From March 13th to 17th 2008, St. Patrick's Festival is Ireland's official celebration for Ireland's national holiday - St. Patrick's Day. Around the globe on the 17th March, Ireland is celebrated with parties and parades but the BIG party is here in Ireland where we celebrate in style with five days and nights of fantastic celebratory events, most of which are free!
Because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Monday, this year, the Irish law bloggers have something special to add to St. Patrick's Festival. Daithí Mac Síthigh is hosting Blawg Review #151 on Lex Ferenda.

Wherever you are in the blawgosphere, especially if you're Irish (or close enough for St. Patrick's Day), be sure to join in the fun by submitting one of your blog posts or recommending a link for our celebration of everyone and everything Irish.

I've traced my genealogy to Tuam, County Galway, in the 1900s.

Slainte mhath,

Ed. ;-)

we're all the way from tuam
all the way from tuam
with a rock solid spirit, that'll never be broken
there's songs to be sung, and there's words to be spoken
from the town that was built, where the cart wheel was broken

we're all the way from tuam
all the way from tuam

Much obliged, Daithí Mac Síthigh. Go raibh míle maith agat.

Trust Blawg Review #150

As depicted in this video clip from The Jungle Book, trust is a concept that is widely misunderstood. But trust is understood by Charlie Green and is explained clearly on his blog, Trust Matters, in many articles and posts that are essential reading for lawyers who value trust-based relationships.

Blawg Review #150 is hosted at Trust Matters by Charles H. Green, co-author of The Trusted Advisor, a book that is highly recommended for lawyers.

And, trust me, here's something really special to celebrate this milestone #150 for Blawg Review with an homage to the maiden edition of Belly Up to the Bar.

OH yes!

I can't go back to Ohio because I've never been there before. As it happens, though, I plan to visit Cincinnati for a few days this week. Who will I be meeting there, over coffee?

OH noes! weather defies modern planning. dammit.

Trust & Antitrust Review

The March 2008 Carnival of Trust is hosted today by Aussie patent lawyer and intellectual property strategist Duncan Bucknell. Pointing us to some of the most interesting blog posts touching on issues of trust, this Carnival of Trust opens with a selection from our friend Brett Trout.
Does your lawyer trust you? Do you care? Should you? Check out Brett Trout's controversial post at BlawgIT on this topic and see why he takes issue with 'untrustworthy' clients. Brett also hosted last week's Blawg Review, and as it happens, Charlie Green will host next week's Blawg Review on his blog, Trust Matters.
Yes, that's right, next week's Blawg Review #150 will be hosted by non other than Charlie Green, who many of you already know co-authored The Trusted Advisor with David Maister. You may recall that Maister also hosted a Blawg Review or two and, like me, hosted his own presentation of the Carnival of Trust.

Did we mention that Duncan Bucknell will host Blawg Review on November 10th at IP ThinkTank?

Oh, before we forget, this week's Blawg Review #149 is hosted at Antitrust Review by David Fischer, who's back for more having had so much fun hosting Blawg Review #67 last year. If you only have time for one blog carnival this week, be sure to check this one out!