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Absentee Editor

You might not have noticed that your dutiful editor has been slacking off these past two weeks -- certainly not from the look of today's Blawg Review #97 by Bob Coffield at the Health Care Law Blog, or last week's Blawg Review #96 at the South Carolina Appellate Law Blog by Bill Watkins.

While all that excellent blawg reviewing was going on, I escaped my snowy environs and have been mummering around southern California enjoying the great weather and meeting personally with a few of my favorite law bloggers in their local habitat. It's been interesting just to pop in unexpectedly on a few previous hosts of Blawg Review during my travels, have great visits in the real world (if Newport Beach can be described as the real world) and still manage to escape with my true identity virtually intact. We should do this more often.

During my time away from the usual routine as anonymous editor, the Blawg Review project maintained its high standards thanks to our excellent hosts and the extra efforts of our Blawg Review Sherpas, notably Colin Samuels and Jen Burke, who helped carry an even greater share of the work while I was absent.

Thanks also to many others who followed the Submission Guidelines and sent in excellent submissions and recommendations. Blawg Review wouldn't be the same without you.

Life is a Highway

AutoMuse, the weblog of Vehicle Information Services, Inc.'s in-house legal counsel, is hosting Blawg Review #95, and there's gonna be lawyers, law students, and law professors heading out on the information superhighway.

So, if you're interested in automotive law, trademarks, insurance, corporate law, personal injury litigation, safety regulations, or just love law blogs and cars, you'll want to take #95 for a spin.

Mediator Diane Levin Blogs

Hosting Blawg Review #94 is mediator Diane Levin, a dispute resolution professional in Boston. Diane's been a mediator since 1995, helping people bridge differences and achieve resolution in disputes involving divorce, family, workplace, business, real estate, tort, community, and consumer issues and claims. Before becoming a mediator, she practiced personal injury, municipal, labor, employment, and family law with a private firm. Today, her work focuses entirely on providing alternatives to litigation--mediation, facilitation, conflict resolution training, negotiation coaching, and consulting.

Diane Levin's mediation practice, Partnering Solutions LLC, is well-known by her peers in alternative dispute resolution because of her award-winning blog, Online Guide to Mediation at Mediation Channel, which provides news and commentary on mediation, negotiation, law, and conflict management. Diane Levin also founded the groundbreaking World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs, at, the first online directory ever created to track and catalogue conflict resolution blogs around the globe.

Last year, Diane hosted Blawg Review #43, an entertaining Shakespearean presentation of interesting law blog posts and articles.

We're not sure exactly what Diane has planned for her upcoming issue of Blawg Review #94, but it's bound to be a masterpiece.

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Oil on canvas
320 x 400 cm (126 x 157 1/2 in.)
Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal

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