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Blawg Review Bucket List

Think of it as Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List, or Easy Rider, meets Jack Kerouac, On the Road.

The editor of Blawg Review is going on a cross-country tour, a quest to discover himself and see America through the eyes of lawyers who blog, as many as possible, starting this September.

Longtime readers remember Blawg Review #89: The Mummer's Veil on New Years Day 2007 when the anonymous editor appeared as the lone mummer visiting legal webloggers far and near in the blogosphere.

Well, this time, it's for real.

If you'd like the editor of Blawg Review to visit you in weeks ahead, just email or tweet an invitation describing what we'd see and do in your city for an hour, a day, or two, who we'd meet there, and when might be convenient to stop by.

And then follow along here over the next several weeks and months as we update this post with stories and photos of this journey and links to all the law bloggers who make the Blawg Review Bucket List.

The adventure begins...