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The Terrorists Have Won

"If you fail to keep the link to your Blawg Review working, the terrorists have won." ~Ed.

Professor Amos Guiora, who hosted Blawg Review #74 on September 11, 2006, is testifying before Congress today.

The hearing is titled “The Resilient Homeland: How DHS Intelligence Should Empower America to Prepare for, Prevent, and Withstand Terrorist Attacks.”

I hope they ask him what the hell happened to Blawg Review #74 hosted at Case Western Reserve University School of Law's Institute for Global Security Law and Policy. The Google has a copy in its cache.

Blawg Review #74

Blawg Review #74- Capturing the legal blogosphere's thoughts regarding September 11th.

Welcome to The Institute for Global Security Law and Policy, at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. We are honored to host the September 11th themed Blawg Review #74. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and we hope you will stop back soon. Please take the time to subscribe to our e-mail alerts and RSS feeds to your left.


Professor Amos N. Guiora
Director, Institute for Global Security Law and Policy

Professor Gregory S. McNeal
Assistant Director, Institute for Global Security Law and Policy

As the Editor pointed out here, we at the Institute are hosting three non-cyberspace events related to September 11th. Those events include:

- The planting of 3,000 flags in remembrance of the victims of the September11th attacks
- A keynote address by Richard Rawlins, Deputy Director of Ohio Homeland Security
- A roundtable faculty event discussing September 11th
...and of course, here in the Blogosphere: Blawg Review #74, the always on the move legal cyberspace event of the "Blawgosphere."

To accommodate our participation in Blawg Review #74 we've made our faculty roundtable a "cross-over" event where we've blogged selected comments from some of our faculty who later today will reflect on September 11th.

Professor Calvin Sharpe offers his thoughts regarding "The Effect of 9/11 On The Field of Conflict and Dispute Resolution" Further down the blog chain, Professor Michael Scharf offers his thoughts about "9/11 and the Transformation of International Law and Policy."Professor Jonathan H. Adler wraps up our selected "cross-over" blog posts with his commentary regarding "The Effect of 9/11 on Constitutional Law, Business Law & Regulation." [Editor's Note: too bad Case took the site down.]

This week saw the addition of the National Security Advisors to the Blawgosphere. Professor Dan Solove, who's hosting Blawg Review next at Concurring Opinions states: "Welcome to the blogsophere to National Security Advisors, a national security law blog by an all-star team of Bobby Chesney (law, Wake Forest), Steve Vladeck (law, Miami), and Tung Yin (law, Iowa)."

In a busy terrorism law related week, the National Security Advisors hopped right into things, providing a summary of the "Military Commissions Act of 2006", of particular interest to us here at The Institute for Global Security, given our exclusive relationship with the Prosecutor for the Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions. At the same time Marty Lederman at Balkinization gives us the skinny on the Army's new interrogation manual, and how the administration's proposed legislation may give a pass to the CIA.

Back at National Security Advisors Professor Chesney then follows up with a great wrap-up of posts and analysis related to Terrorism Prosecution Statistics. This too is quite an interesting post for us here at The Institute for Global Security in light of our recent announcement of a $246,807 grant to promote cooperation between U.S. and foreign prosecutors in terrorism cases. Howard Bashman of How Appealing offers some additional Prosecution related news here.

Across the Blawgosphere Ann Althouse, who is not optimistic about the nation's ability to appropriately commemorate September 11th states: "We're going to mark the 9/11 anniversary in an especially shabby way this year" going on to recommend that readers "keep the TV off for the next few days and stay away from the internet." We here think it's okay for readers to flip off the TV, but we hope you'll stay through till the end of Blawg Review #74, we know that Althouse's readers are standing by… there's at least 110 comments related to her post!

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit during the last few days of August gave readers an opportunity to hear an interview with Judge Richard Posner, the piece is entitled: "The Glenn & Helen Show: Richard Posner on Terrorism and the Constitution." While Matt Barr at Socratic Rhythm provides a lengthy wrap-up of "The Intersection of Terrorism and a Free Marketplace of Ideas", discussing the Hezbollah T.V. case in detail.

Skipping across the pond, the editors at Atlantic Review give us a wrap-up of the "Terrorism and Security Policy Debates in Germany and the United States" Meanwhile, over at the discussion has turned to what is an appropriate contingency fee for attorneys involved in the 9/11 litigation. A timely and interesting post. Also timely are the comments and analysis of the folks at The Counterterrorism Blog, a mix of legal and policy commentary with recent analysis of Al Qaeda's videos, 9/11 and News Reporting, and the Treasury Department's legal efforts against Hezbollah and Iran's Financial Institutions.

Eugene Volokh at Volokh Conspiracy evaluates Jonathan Rauch's assessment of the Bush Presidency, with some commentary regarding "the lack of other major attacks since 9/11." The international law scholars at Opinio Juris also take the time to talk about terrorism policy, bemoaning the administration's reticence to embrace international law, picking up on a Slate review of Judge Posner's book, and discussing how Congress can override the Supreme Court's interpretation of international law in Hamdan.

Thanks for stopping in to meet with us on this solemn day. We hope you've enjoyed our compilation of September 11th related blogging. Please stop back soon.

Be sure to check out, Blawg Review #75 which will be hosted at Concurring Opinions. Their blog was recognized as the "best new blawg" by the Goddess of Justice and Law in last year's Blawg Review Awards.

Blawg Review has information about next week's host, and instructions how to get your blawg posts reviewed in upcoming issues.

[Ed's Note: In retrospect, Blawg Review #74 -- Capturing the legal blogosphere's thoughts regarding September 11th -- was one of the better themes. Well done.]