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Professor Bainbridge Returns

After a hiatus that lasted longer than he planned, Professor Bainbridge has returned to the internets with a revised set of blogs.

The new website serves as a portal to his three blogs. Some readers will want to use the ® landing page as their entry to his corner of the blogosphere. Others may wish to bookmark the sub-blogs, and subscribe to feeds for these specific blogs.

Professor Bainbridge's Business Associations Blog

This is Professor Bainbridge's professional blog, an extension of his academic scholarship. The subjects about which he posts there -- law, business, and economics -- will be of interest to lawyers, judges, law students, and legal academics. Most of the posts will relate to the law and economics of business associations, especially public corporations.

Professor Bainbridge's Journal

This is Stephen Bainbridge's personal blog. The topic mix is eclectic, but focuses on politics, religion, and culture. Other common topics include cars, non-business law, political correctness, entertainment, book reviews, photography, his dogs, and whatever captures his interest.

Professor Bainbridge on Wine

A blog dedicated to food and wine, focusing on the latter. Wine reviews, news, and commentary, plus recipes.

On which of these blogs should he host Blawg Review?