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Patent Baristas Serving #77

Our hosts for Blawg Review #77 are none other than Frost Brown Todd patent attorneys Stephen R. Albainy-Jenai and Karlyn A. Schnapp, who will be serving up a blawg rebrew at Patent Baristas. Those who have been following our blog carnival will remember these baristas served up a steaming hot Blawg Review #19 in the dog days of the summer of 2005. They're coming back with a special blend of the best of this week's law blog posts. Wake up and smell the coffee!

If you'd like something special served on Monday morning, these hard-working Patent Baristas would appreciate it if you'd get your orders and recommendations submitted as soon as possible following these submission guidelines. They're working on a new menu and would love to have your input. Without your help, preparing Blawg Review is a grind.

No WiFi For You
Blawg Review #77 is served, and Colin Samuels at Infamy or Praise has posted a thoughtful overview of this week's offering:
Highlights in this edition include discussions of the six metrics which all firms should track, the value of strong non-obviousness, and the inspiring commitment to total client service made by Anna Nicole Smith's attorney/baby-daddy.

One post conspicuous by its absence from the roundup is one from Wall Street Journal legal blogger Peter Lattman Latte-man. Latte-man noted last week that Starbucks faces an anti-trust suit "claiming the java giant engages in a range of anti-competitive practices, including entering exclusive lease agreements, buying out competitors, and, our personal favorite, the 'cluster bombing' of stores." I can only assume that the baristas chose not to include Latte-man's post as a gesture of professional courtesy towards Starbucks.
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