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Snakes on a Blawg

Law blog readers anxiously awaiting Blawg Review #71 at QuizLaw can get a quick fix today at Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground, where his Weekly Law School Roundup #32 provides reading suggestions for those first few weeks of law school when it's so important to make sure your classroom WiFi is configured correctly.

In this WLSR, Evan Schaeffer points his readers to Dave Gulbransen's "Back to School" Blawg Review #70, which creatively demonstrates what a tech savvy law student with mad sKILLz can do while getting a law degree in his spare time. w00t!

Don't let some law professor who doesn't do e-mail tell you that at law school you won't have time to blog--or to appear on CNN to discuss how famous your blog is.

Georgetown University Law Student Brian Finkelstein gets full marks for spending his last semester at law school creating Snakes on a Blog.

Brian's fansite for the Samuel L. Jackson terror flick, Snakes on a Plane, "garnered" him an invitation to the premiere screening of the film on August 17th at Mann's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. Finkelstein might get Oscar's nod for the best blog about a film about snakes on a plane.

The following parody video was submitted anonymously as an example of Aussie law student humour, which is not appropriate to play with loud speakers at work or in class because of the motherf**kin language.

You were warned not to play this in class!