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Law Revue 2006

David Jacobson, who hosted Blawg Review #66 Down Under at one of his blogs, sends us news that Law Revue 2006 at the University of Queensland was quite a success this year.

Peter Black, an associate lecturer in law at UQLS, reports on his blawg, Freedom to Differ, that it was a fantastic show, adding:
For me the highlights included How Not to be a Law Nemesis, the Queen Medley, the Staff Sketch, I Want to be a Partner Young and pretty much every video filler. Since seeing my first Law Revue about 10 years ago - and while I never cease to be impressed by how funny and talented law students can be - it is also amazing how the production quality has steadily increased. It was a very professional and orginal show. Congratulations to everyone involved.
David Starkoff has collected on his blog, Inchoate, links to all the videos from the University of Queensland's Law Revue 2006, which he found on YouTube.