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Best in the Hood

"I about jumped out of my skin Saturday night when they announced my name and ran up to the stage to get my award before they changed their mind," said Craig Williams after being honored by the Los Angeles Press Club, along with Larry King, Kevin Sites and other leading journalists at the Southern California Journalism Awards for 2006.

J.Craig Williams received first place honors in the individual category for "weblog writing" on his law blog, May It Please the Court, winning over Luke Y. Thompson at, and beating the LA Times Lakers Blog at the buzzer.

Themis, the Goddess of Justice and Law, a.k.a. She-Hulk, who gave Craig Williams the Blawg Review Award for Best Graphics on a Law Blog for the gorgeous redesign of May It Please the Court in 2005, commented on his receiving this recognition.

"I always thought Craig Williams was best in the Hood," she said, with a wink.