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60 Sites in 60 Minutes

The complete list of the "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" presented at the ABA Techshow by Bob Ambrogi, Jim Calloway and Natalie Kelly is now available online for those who missed the show, as well as those who were there but unable to note all the sites in the allotted time.

At the top of their "Serious" list (by a fortuitous alphabetization) is "a big law blogroll" by your humble editor at Blawg Review, which should be at the top of anyone's list of law blogs. So much for humility!

MyHq Blawgs is a convenient single link to add to any blogroll; a neatly organized arrangement of blawgs that is maintained by an editor, assisted by the work of many helpful law bloggers.

Law student Ian Best at 3L Epiphany deserves all the credit he got for his ambitious taxonomy of law blogs. We were aided, also, by Kurt Hunt at Clever WoT, who aggregated a lot of law student blogs, as well. And this big law blogroll is following the ongoing work of Dan Hull, who is making note of many excellent law blogs from around the world, at What About Clients? We've also added to our big law blogroll a few selected law blogs found on the incomparable directory, not to mention Blawg Republic, which has not included our project weblog Blawg Review in its otherwise excellent directory, yet.

Not included on the "60 Sites in 60 Minutes" presentation is our own "offbeat" site, the Blawg Review Guest Map, powered by Google. Very cool. If you're not already on our little map of the world, take a few minutes to add yourself to this map -- zooming in to your precise street-level location if you like -- and be sure to include a link there to your weblog. See who's already on the map. Although most of those who have added themselves to this map so far appear to be lawyers, law students, and law professors in the United States, you can click and drag the map to see law bloggers from all around the world.