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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Indefatigable Sheryl Schelin

Many of us remember when former in-house lawyer Sheryl Schelin hosted Blawg Review #63 at The Airport Lawyer. Well, now that her solo practice has taken off, she's back with a focus on employment law and a fresh Blawg Review #104 at the SC Employment Law Blog.

Although she's apparently dog tired from this past week of law blog reviewing, Sheryl already has plans to be back again on August 13th to host Blawg Review on her Inspired Solo lawyer blog, featured recently on Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog as the site of the week.

Hosting must be fun; this powerblogger has booked yet another date to host Blawg Review a record fourth time during National Consumer Protection Week on her SC Bankruptcy & Consumer Law Blog. Four issues of Blawg Review on different law blogs by the same lawyer -- indefatigable!