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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Infamy or Praise

Every week, another new host gets a peek behind the curtain of this collaborative Blawg Review project to see firsthand how these creative presentations are put together. Are you getting any good submissions and recommendations for Blawg Review #70, Dave!?

Those who hosted last year remember that Evan Schaeffer would often recommend a half dozen or so of the best posts he'd come across in the previous week. And then Mike Cernovich also became one of the regular contributors to Blawg Review, adding a few more great recommendations every week. It was a lot of work, for not a lot of recognition, and we want to let them know that we appreciate the heavy lifting these guys did behind the scenes to get this project rolling. Not to mention Kevin Heller, who started this ball rolling.

This editor tries to get a few good ones in each week, too. But these past several months, the mantle of Regular Contributor has been on the sturdy shoulders of Colin Samuels, who otherwise would be quietly blogging away at his own humble law blog, Infamy or Praise.

You may have noticed, as we did, that Colin Samuels recently published a very thoughtful essay, Humanizing the Profession, about lawyers who blog. For a guy who doesn't post very often -- unless he's got a dozen other anonymous blogs we don't credit him for -- he knows a lot about blawgs.

Colin is surely the most selfless blogger out there. Those who have hosted Blawg Review this year know what I mean. Every week he makes at least ten outstanding recommendations that often result in other bloggers unexpectedly reading about their law blogs linked in Blawg Review on a Monday morning. Each week we're treated to another surprisingly excellent new issue of Blawg Review, in good measure thanks to his extraordinary efforts to support this project.

And it's still rather humbling, in my view, after 69 different issues of Blawg Review to look back at last year's Blawg Review of the Year by Colin Samuels. Hell, that's still an amazing piece of work, isn't it?