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Blawg Review, Jubilee Special

From his duck blind on the banks of the Thames, Charon QC watched as Her Majesty's barge and a flotilla of a thousand lesser vessels paraded before an adoring public out in the rain to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's first sixty years.

Quite coincidentally with the Royal Jubilee celebrations, perhaps having something to do with the Olympics, our friend Charon QC launched a hundred links to British law blogs this past week in an unprecedented show of patriotism--UK Blawg Review #10 in four impressive blog posts!

  1. UK Blawg Review #10 – Part 1
  2. UK Blawg Review #10 – Part 2
  3. UK Blawg Review #10 – Part 3
  4. UK Blawg Review #10 – Part 4

Charon QC is a master of the Blawg Review, this carnival of law blogs, having hosted a half-dozen or so previous presentations each of which is worth your attention and review. This is Blawg Review, elevated to an art form.

His latest, Blawg Review #292, was recognized with the award for Blawg Review of the Year 2011, an honour long overdue.

We're not sure what recognition Charon QC might receive from Her Majesty for his contributions to law blogging with this UK Blawg Review #10, not to mention his daily blog posts that keep the world informed and entertained with insights into English law and British politics, but I wouldn't be surprised if someday this Dean of the British Blawgosphere were to be named Lord Charon.

Blawg Review returns next week with its regular programming. 

* image courtesy of Banksy