Blawg Review

It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Blawg Review on Facebook!

If you know all about Dave! (that's Dave with an exclamation point) you know that he's been Simpsonized. He's a bona fide comic character!

Dave! had aleady hosted four unique presentations of Blawg Review, a clever chart format showing his programming skills, a back-to-school special while he was a law student, a bar exam nail-biter when he knew the feeling, and a flashback to the early days of the worldwide web. Crazzzzy! Whenever we see an opportunity for a Blawg Review that would be enhanced by his mad geek skillz, we turn to Dave!

Today, being the 28th birthday of Facebook co-founder and major shareholder Mark Zuckerberg, we asked Gulbransen if he could do a creative presentation for Blawg Review #321. I wasn't worried that he'd come up with something special, even when I hadn't heard from him throughout the week. I knew Dave! likes to be left alone while he's working on Blawg Review. I figured Dave! was hard at it on Saturday night...but then I spotted him cruising up Yonge Street with the family. Bwaahaha!