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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Happy Birthday, Tully

There can be little doubt that Marcus Tullius Cicero would have been a blogger as passionate as Scott Greenfield.
"It might be pardonable to refuse to defend some men, but to defend them negligently is nothing short of criminal."
Tully would have considered Twitter more useful than Brian Tannebaum.
"Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so."
And he would have found Facebook as indispensable as Kevin O'Keefe.
"Every man can tell how many goats or sheep he possesses, but not how many friends."
Certainly, he would have liked his iPad as much as Jon Bloor.
"If you have a garden and an iPad, you have everything you need."
Yes, Cicero would have appreciated Blawg Review #292, and, like many of us, Tully would have followed @Charonqc on Twitter and started each day reading Charon QC for inspiration.
"Hoc vinum annorum sexaginta est. Bene aetatem fert."