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Sherpa Sabbatical

Blawg Review Sherpa Colin Samuels has hung up his chuba.

I don't remember when, exactly, Colin took on the heavy lifting around here, guiding novice and expert blawg reviewers alike in their quests to reach new heights with each successsive presentation of the carnival of law blogs. It seems like he's always been the one without whom Blawg Review wouldn't be what it is. Those who've hosted during his tenure as a Blawg Review Sherpa know well his contributions above and beyond the call of duty.

As quietly as he's served, so also he departs. No fanfare, no parade. But not without these words of thanks on behalf of our hosts and our readers. Colin, you're the best. And I'm not just sayin' that because you've won the award for Blawg Review of the Year four times in four years! (See the sidebar at Infamy or Praise for links to some of the most amazing presentations of Blawg Review, ever.)

The reasons for Colin Samuels giving up his sherpa duties remain a mystery, although we suspect he's under a lot of pressure now, as the date for his annual Blawg Review at Infamy or Praise appears closer than we think. Not to mention, Colin is also co-hosting an upcoming Blawg Review at Unsilent Partners with CharonQC in just a few weeks. They don't throw these things together in a week, you know!

Colin Samuels, Sherpa Emeritus, will always be a key player in Blawg Review (he's got the login and password keys) so he remains, officially, the editor in waiting should I kick the bucket. Truth be told, Colin is more afraid of that eventuality than I am. Good luck to both of us.

Image Credit: copyright Ilan Adler