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Digital Nomads Love ExOfficio

Digital Nomads like the editor of Blawg Review travel will all the latest tech tools and toys, an iPhone 3G and a BlackBerry Bold, and a Netbook on steroids, the Acer Aspire 1410 running Windows Vista with 3 Gigs of Ram on an Intel Centrino chip. Tethering the Acer to the BlackBerry with virtually unlimited data plan liberates the Digital Nomad from wifi.

Digital Nomads may disagree on which computer or smartphone is the ultimate tool for the traveling executive. However, what separates the Digital Nomad from the novice business traveler is the high-tech adventure clothing that makes the trip a breeze.

On this current trip, billed as the Blawg Review Bucket List tour, your editor has packed 4 ExOfficio shirts and 4 pairs of his favorite ExOfficio underwear. Sorry, no pics, but you can visit the ExOfficio website and just imagine how comfortable this stuff is in the 105F heat in Las Vegas as this adventure takes me from JFK, where the ExOfficio store is conveniently located in Terminal 5 for JetBlue departures.

Speaking of JetBlue, did you see that it's the official airline sponsor of the New York Jets football team?

The camera-shy editor of Blawg Review was tempted to get his photo taken with these lovely women posing today at JFK to be sure we didn't miss this announcement.