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Blawg Review Bizcards

Hugh MacLeod is a genius. For about ten years he's been cranking out insightful cartoons on the backs of business cards, publishing them on his blog at and generously encouraging his readers to use them, free of charge.

We've had some printed up for the Editor of Blawg Review to hand out whenever he meets in person with friends and followers of this wonderful blog carnival for everyone interested in law.

The first card illustrates the essence of Blawg Review, a network that is more powerful than the node. On the reverse of this card is no name or address, simply the email contact for

The second card illustrates why Blawg Review is on Twitter, and on the reverse is only the @blawgreview address for the stream on the web,

The weekly presentations of Blawg Review are "Social Objects", as Hugh MacLeod might say, and perhaps in a small way these bizcards are complementary Social Gestures.

Hugh MacLeod's acclaimed blog Gaping Void draws about 1.5 million visitors a month, they say, and his ebook, How to Be Creative, has been downloaded more than a million times.

Ignore Everybody, Hugh MacLeod's recently published book that's available in hardcover and for the Kindle, expands his thoughts about unleashing creativity. It's a great read, highly recommended. A lot of what Hugh says in the book is applicable to Blawg Review and to everyone who has creatively hosted one or more of these presentations on their own law blogs.

Hugh MacLeod probably doesn't follow Blawg Review or our tweets @blawgreview where he's mentioned from time to time, and we've never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, though we follow him @gapingvoid on Twitter. We really can't thank him enough for the inspiration, and the business cards. People love them.