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This Guy Gets It

Ed--Please ask the host to "unlink" WAC? from today's BR. And further please do not use or link to any of WAC?'s content in any future BRs. I would appreciate that. Thanks. Dan
This email request is purportedly "confidential" (not to be confused with anonymous) but it's rather difficult, really impossible, to accommodate the writer of the email unless everyone who hosts Blawg Review is given notice of his peculiar request, and asking us to ask the host to "unlink" WAC? is probably some sort of implied waiver, anyway.

For the record, the editor doesn't tell the hosts who they can or cannot link their blogs to in their presentations of Blawg Review. No amount of begging will get you included, and no amount of whining will get us to ask any host to "unlink" your blog.

If you don't want what you write on the interwebs to be linked by other bloggers you don't friend, then blogging is probably not for you. Have you tried Facebook?