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High Praise, Indeed

Jordan Furlong, "lawyer, editor, blogger, and occasional Jeremiah for the legal profession," has high praise for next week's Blawg Review host at Above the Law.

Jordon adds, in conversation on Twitter with @leecomms "Not all the way there, by any means -- but they're on to something, and they've found their editorial voice."

Lee Feldman says @jordan_law21 "Yes, they certainly caught the wave on BigLaw associate discontent..David's put together a good team."

Jordon responds @leecomms "True, though the fact that most commenters hate the editor bodes well. :)"

Blawg Review #204, which promises to "make hamburger of the legal profession's sacred cows", is being put together by Elie Mystal, who has assumed the mantle of infamous editor at ATL from David Lat, who hosted Blawg Review #119.

Jordan Furlong, the Canadian Bar Association's Editor-in-Chief/R├ędacteur en chef, will cook up his own version of Blawg Review on April 13th.

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