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Major League Blawger Meetup

Who wants to join me? I've got four excellent tickets to the baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre in Toronto this Friday night, July 11, 2008. Hopefully the game will be as exciting for lawyers as this.

Box Score: It was a helluva game, as Jays blanked Yankees 5-0.

Canadian fans taunted A-Rod, as law bloggers watched helplessly. "We should have invited a family law specialist," noted Ed.

Instead, the editor of Blawg Review was joined by a law firm partner, a law student, and a former law librarian and "info-diva" turned consultant, for a night out at the ballgame.

Heenan Blaikie partner Simon Chester, who blogs at, knows more about cricket than baseball, apparently, but settled into an enjoyable presentation of America's pastime once he realized it was just a game of "rounders".

The law student, Omar Ha-Redeye, has an educational background in nuclear medicine, health administration, and public relations. He had worked in all three fields for several years before deciding to pursue a law degree at the University of Western Ontario. Omar blogs on the Canadian law student group blog, Law Is Cool, where he directs and runs the podcasts.

Info-diva Connie Crosby, who hosted Blawg Review #105 as big-law librarian, has recently started Crosby Goup Consulting, so she was busy twittering away to her peeps throughout the blawger meetup.

Toronto's ace pitcher Roy Halladay, who's been named to the American League All-Star Team for next week's All Star Game in New York City, put on a clinic in a complete game shut out of his All-Star teammates Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.
The only Yankees to collect hits against Halladay, who struck out eight batters, were Alex Rodriguez in the fourth inning and Derek Jeter, who hit a ground-rule double in the ninth.

After that, Halladay polished off the Yankees in style, striking out Bobby Abreu and then getting Rodriguez to line out to first baseman Lyle Overbay to end the game.
After the ballgame, the law bloggers went out on the town and, presumably, A-Rod ran home.