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Declaration of Independence

Let's have a happy and thoughtful 4th of July weekend, and come back next week for Blawg Review #167 by Jonathan Frieden. I think he's got something special planned for this occasion.

The following blog posts for Independence Day, by previous hosts of Blawg Review, may be food for thought:

QuizLaw, which hosted Blawg Review #71, has one serious and another humorous blog post for Independence Day:

It’s good to read the Old Texts every once in a while…

Bork, bork, meep-meep…

Blawg Review #134 host Eric Turkewitz, at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog, presents this:

United States of America Declares Its Independence (Jury Trials Are One Reason)

George M. Wallace, who hosted #51, #102, and #153 along with corresponding April Fool's Day issues of Blawg Review, offers these:

Songs of Our Climate

Norman Gregory Fernandez, who hosted a special Memorial Day issue of Blawg Review #110, wishes us a:

Happy Independence Day from The Biker Law Blog