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Solo by Choice

On June 20th in 2005, we were reading Blawg Review #11 by Al Nye the Lawyer Guy.

Today, we're reading his review of Solo By Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be, a new book by Carolyn Elefant, who hosted Blawg Review #21 on her popular law blog for solos, My Shingle.

Which reminds me -- we've met a lot of wonderful people, including Carolyn, because of Blawg Review, many of them solos who stay connected with the diverse community of lawyers through their blogs.

Previous hosts of Blawg Review who have reviewed Solo by Choice include Craig Williams, who hosted #28, Sheryl Sisk Schelin, who hosted #121, Jim Calloway, who hosted #49, and Evan Schaeffer, who hosted #38 and the premier issue of Blawg Review.

Scott Greenfield
, an upcoming host of Blawg Review, also wrote a wonderful review. He says:
Solo by Choice blew me away. As I read it, I became deeply concerned that I didn't have enough glowing adjectives at my command to capture just how fantastic this book was, and how much I recommend it to anyone who has even a twinkle in their eye about the possibility of breaking out of the grind. If I wasn't already a solo, I would become one after reading this book, it's that thorough, balanced and persuasive.
You can purchase Solo by Choice online at Amazon.