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WHO Is Up & Who's Next

David Harlow is hosting Blawg Review #154 on World Health Day at HealthBlawg. The World Health Organization has announced that today's theme is protecting health from climate change.

Blawg Review #155 at California Blog of Appeal will be hosted by Greg May, who's not yet decided on a theme for his presentation, and he's got a few good ideas he's prepping for next week.

Speaking of who's next, where can we find out who's hosting the next Carnival of Trust? I can has list of cats hosting next pleeez?

Update: The Carnival of Trust by True Colors Consulting has something interesting for lawyers, selected from Eric Turkewitz, host of the marathon Blawg Review #134. Here's a snippet from this month's presentation of the Carnival of Trust:
Eric Turkewitz gives us insight into the catalysts of that first phone call to the medical malpractice attorney in Patients Call Lawyers. He cites four reasons why people take it to the next level – 1. An unexpected result and a betrayal of trust; 2. The hospital rumor mill.; 3. Money, money, money.; 4. Outrage. Eric points out doctors are urged by some to apologize for their errors…an interesting conversation in and of itself.
Next month's host of the Carnival of Trust is R. David Donoghue, host of Blawg Review #133 at the Chicago IP Litigation Law Blog.