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Parody Haiku Is Not Haiku

Luke, of Real World Really, committed one of the cardinal sins of hosting a blog carnival this past week. What could be so bad you ask? In one word: Haiku.
~ On the Moneyed Midways - April 11, 2008
In honor of National Poetry Month, attorney Greg May at the California Blog of Appeal presents Blawg Review #155.

David Giacalone, the blawgosphere's resident lover of real good haiku, will not be pleased. I know because, over the weekend, he copied me on this email message taking umbrage with the defamation of haiku in blog carnivals.
Ed of Blawg Review pointed me to your piece decrying the use of haiku in Carnival posts. I totally agree that haiku are not appropriate tools for use in blog carnivals, but you should know that the dreck you are complaining about are not real haiku. Please do not defame the haiku genre by abusing the word and confusing pseudo- and parody-haiku for the real thing. See our posting at f/k/a, "is it or ain't it haiku?"
This is hilarious: An Ode to Blawg Review #155

Bad poetry aside, Blawg Review #155 is not all bad. Links to the best legally-minded blog posts are well worth reading and, over all, it's a rare opportunity for a break from whatever is stressing you out. Relax, and enjoy!
If you're a blog carnival host looking for an outstanding example of how to create a compelling blog carnival, look no further than this week's Carnival of Trust. Not one lick of haiku anywhere in The Best Carnival of the Week, Anywhere!
Kudos to our friends at the Carnival of Trust.