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Meetup In Halifax, Canada

So, I'm standing on this hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, wondering if I might see any law bloggers from here. I'm in Halifax for a short visit over the weekend, and would be up for meeting any Haligonian barristers and solicitors (that's what they're called here in the Colonies) who blog and would like to meet with this anonymous editor, in person. They'd have to be able to keep a secret.

Looking at the Blawg Review guestmap, I see there's at least one law blogger here in Halifax who understands privacy issues. David T.S. Fraser is a Canadian privacy lawyer who practices with the firm of McInnes Cooper. He is the author of the Physicians' Privacy Manual, and he has a national and international practice advising corporations and individuals on matters related to Canadian privacy laws.

David Fraser blogs. The Canadian Privacy Law Blog covers developments in privacy law and writings of a Canadian privacy lawyer, and contains information related to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (aka PIPEDA) and other Canadian and international laws.

If David Fraser or any other lawyers in Halifax have time to break away from their blogs for a coffee and would like to meetup sometime in the next few days, please send me an email.

[Update: Within a couple of hours of this post, David Fraser and I were meeting at Starbucks in the Marriott Halifax Harbourfront overlooking the water, right next to McInnes Cooper's offices at Purdy's Wharf. I think we've found another great host for an upcoming issue of Blawg Review.]

If you'd like to meet me somewhere, but aren't in Halifax this weekend, make sure you add your name and blog to our guestmap. Maybe we can get together when I'm in your city. I'll be looking for you!