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Blawg Review In Paradiso

Following the Blawg Review of the Year Award-winning Inferno-themed Blawg Review #35 and the Purgatorio-themed Blawg Review #86, The Divine Comedy's third cantica, Paradiso, provides the theme for Blawg Review #137, to which Colin Samuels of Infamy or Praise welcomes us this week.

This is another classic Blawg Review by Colin Samuels, as expected, but will it be chosen over many new contenders for the prestigious Blawg Review of the Year Award? There's only 28 blogging days and three more issues to go before the Blawg Review Awards ceremony on the last day of 2007.

If you're new to this community of law bloggers, and wonder what's the big deal about these Blawg Review Awards, you might want to revisit the outstanding blawgs that received recognition and honors in 2005 and 2006. We're planning something really different for the Blawg Review Awards 2007.