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Best Law Blog Finalists

Vote here now for all the finalists for The 2007 Weblog Awards, four of which have hosted Blawg Review. Do you know which ones?

Congratulations to David Lat at Above the Law, Howard Bashman at How Appealing, Ronald Coleman at Likelihood of Confusion, and Peter Black at Freedom to Differ, who have hosted Blawg Review, already, and to the others we hope will too.

Click here to Vote for the Best Law Blog Finalists

* Above the Law
* How Appealing
* Volokh Conspiracy
* Sui Generis
* Balkinization
* Simple Justice
* Wall Street Journal Law Blog
* Likelihood Of Confusion
* Ms JD Changing the Face of the Legal Profession

Among the finalists in other categories, we note several legally-oriented bloggers, as well. TechCrunch, by Michael Arrington, is a finalist for the Best Blog. DailyKos, founded by Markos Moulitsas is among the finalists for Best Online Community, as is Groklaw, founded by paralegal Pamela Jones. In the category for Best Individual Blogger, we find Professor Glenn Reynolds on InstaPundit going up against Peter Black, who's hosted Blawg Review once already, and is scheduled to host again later this month on Freedom to Differ.

Update: The results are now in.