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Home Office Lawyers

Grant Griffiths hosts Blawg Review #132 at Home Office Lawyer, where he called for submissions from solo lawyers, independent practitioners, muscle boutiques, and frustrated Biglaw Associates looking to make a move in search of work/life balance!

Hopefully, we'll see some great submissions and recommendations for next week's Blawg Review from the many leading lawyers with blawgs, including: Evan Schaeffer, Ron Coleman, Dave Swanner, Dan Hull, Al Nye, Enrico Schaefer, Craig Williams, Denise Howell, Ray Ward, Marty Schwimmer, Howard Bashman, Ernie Svenson, Norman Fernandez, Jamie Spencer, Diana Skaggs, Sheryl Schelin, Susan Cartier Liebel, George Wallace, David Giacalone, and everyone else who has given so much of themselves in the previous one hundred and thirty-one issues of this carnival of law blogs. Thank you, everyone.

And a special nod of appreciation to Colin Samuels and Diane Levin who have volunteered to make extraordinary efforts as our next host's Blawg Sherpas.

For those of you logging in from the United Kingdom, this is apparently not about Home Office lawyers after all. Pity!