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Happy Howelloween

It almost became a tradition around here to celebrate Halloween at Blawg Review with Denise Howell. Not so this year, as the tricking or treating eve falls midweek and, as everyone knows, Blawg Review occurs every Monday.

So, this year, as we look back in wonder at these Howell-o-ween presentations -- Blawg Review #30 and Blawg Review #81 -- we're shelling out some Halloween treats from other law bloggers who also hosted Blawg Review.

Anne Reed writes, "Trick or Treat, If You're Lucky."

Dan Hull says, "If you forgot the candy, turn off the lights and lie on the floor."

Evan Schaeffer brings another Halloween tradition to an end.

David Giacalone says, "nice costume, dude."

Jim Maule writes, "It's Halloween. Somehow, without intending it, I have developed a MauledAgain tradition of focusing on this holiday each year that it rolls around. So I'm going to treat my readers yet again to some spooky thoughts. I might not have a ghost of a chance to amuse anyone or to make them laugh, but perhaps I can trick people into reading til the end."

Last but not least, "Trick or Treat: Have a Preliminary Injunction to Eat" by David Donoghue, who's hosting Blawg Review #133 on Monday at the Chicago IP Litigation Blog.