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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Business 2 Business

David Maister is hosting Blawg Review #131 at his well-regarded business blog, Passion, People and Principles. David's not a lawyer, but many lawyers look to him for business advice, and we're honored to have him host Blawg Review again.
There is nothing so powerful in business as actually having principles that you hold on to passionately and require those around you to believe. One way or another, all my research conclusions, consulting advice and speeches in my professional career as a global consultant, business author, and former Harvard Business School professor come down to passion, people and principles.
Not only will we have the benefit of David Maister bringing the best legal blog writing to his business blog readers, we are also hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists here on the Blawg Review weblog the very same day.

Our longtime followers will remember that we hosted the CotC #107 and the Carnival of the Capitalists #159 the two previous years. So, we're really looking forward to this special business2business opportunity to bring lawyers and business leaders together to review the best current writing on business and law blogs.

This week, we're looking for law blog posts that focus on practice management, client relations, corporate commercial law, and any other legal blog posts that you think might be especially interesting to business blog readers generally, or readers of David Maister's business blog, in particular.

We'll be looking through all the submissions sent to us here, and sorting out which law blog posts are best to be included in one or the other of these two great business blog carnivals -- Blawg Review #131 and the next Carnival of the Capitalists we're hosting here next Monday. What number are they up to at the business blog carnvial of the capitalists, after four years?!