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Memorial Day Special

Update: Blawg Review #110, a special Memorial Day presentation by Norman Gregory Fernandez at the Biker Law Blog, is now posted and will add more links to blog posts from law bloggers and others over the holiday to commemorate fallen warriors.

Blawg Review #59 for Memorial Day weekend in the United States was really special, and as we approach this weekend of remembrance of those who served and sacrificed for our freedoms, it's again time to reflect and look back at last year's presentation, including these posts:
On the Law of War and Just War Theory Blog, Professor Kenneth Anderson presents an excerpt from a paper in progress:
Democratic legitimacy, what non-Americans think about American policy, and the war on terror

The American people will not engage with the struggle against a transnational terrorist threat over the long run unless it is consonant with deep American values. Americans have not historically been very willing to support in blood and treasure – and, today, attention span – long running wars or foreign policy agendas that do not seem to them both necessary to the national survival and broadly just.
David Giacalone at f/k/a presents:
haiku moments - memorial day 2006

vietnam memorial --
a tear in the
old protestor's eye


Photo Credit: Susan Scott Teachey, ON-Q Design, Inc., from the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in support of MIA and POW.

John Pape & Marc Chandler should start a Motorcycle Law Blog, where they could write more great stuff like these choice words from their website:
Beware the attorney who assumes that he’s dignified and professional merely because he sports a neat little newscaster hairdo, sleeps in a business suit and works for or represents large corporations. You know the type of stuffed shirt we’re talking about. Professionalism and dignity are not products of such superficial nonsense. Some of the most dignified, loyal and trustworthy people we know haven’t worn a suit in years and have long hair and multiple tattoos. At Pape & Chandler, we believe that dignity and professionalism are qualities that you have to earn like a soldier earns his stripes.
This year, an Air Force / California Air National Guard veteran, who is also a real lawyer and a real biker, Norman Fernandez, will lead us as Blawg Review pays its respects on the Biker Law Blog this Memorial Day.

As with last year's Memorial Day presentation, submissions will be accepted throughout the holiday weekend, and added to a very special Blawg Review #110.