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Blawg's Blog is hosting Blawg Review #111.
Law blog, legal blog, any name, the numbers are growing...

Blawg was started in December 2002 by Bill Gratsch. While not a blogger himself, Bill had stumbled across a few interesting and useful postings at various weblogs, but too often it seemed simply luck that he found good ones. There was little organization or structure to the blogosphere. With this in mind, Bill scoured the web looking for weblogs that focused on legal-oriented subject matter, with the idea of creating a law blog directory. He found 57. From lawyers writing about their area of expertise, to law librarians offering research tips and tricks, to law professors expressing their opinions and analysis, to technologists discussing the latest trends and ideas in legal technology, these law-oriented blogs or "blawgs," were providing an early view of the changing dynamics for communication and collaboration within the legal community.

Fast forward to November 2006 and the growth in the number and variety of blawgs has created its own unique slice of the blogosphere, what some term the "blawgosphere." And, the quality has never been better, with esteemed lawyers joining the ranks of law students, legal researchers and legal commentators in growing numbers. Add to this growth the continuing emergence of new technologies and tools to serve the practice of law and dissemination of legal information, and it is clear that change is now almost always just a matter of time.

With these trends in mind, Blawg will stay focused on what's ahead and continue to try and deliver useful features and functions -- whether connecting, collaborating or communicating -- to the legal community. Stay tuned. Good stuff ahead.
Blawg's Blog is hosting Blawg Review #111.