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David Maister, who hosted Blawg Review #76 a while back, is hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists for January 22, 2007.

When he hosted Blawg Review, last year, David Maister introduced himself and a cadre of business-minded bloggers.
Since I am not a lawyer, and this blog site is meant to appeal to a broad international audience working in a wide variety of professions and industries, I have (as previously announced) restricted my choices to the themes of work and professional life, firm management, marketing, strategy and careers (rather than legal topics per se).

Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan has the blog post of the week in my view.

Of Sailors and Mountaineers: The Inherent Dangers of Internal Competition is a compelling piece of analysis, which nevertheless still leaves us wrestling with the mysteries of why our organizations run as they do. Are we all too competitive for our own good? If so, how has civilization thrived? Don't miss it.
In David Maister's Carnival of the Capitalists this week, we find the Dilanchian Lawyers who provide a link to a story about YouTube’s Licensing arrangements. It's always good when business-minded lawyers contribute to the best of the Carnival of the Capitalists.

Check out the articles David Maister enjoyed the most.

This week's host of Blawg Review #92 is Legal Andrew, a law student who's "hacking his way through law school" and sharing tips and tricks he's picking up along the way.

Andrew's presentation of Blawg Review includes many interesting blog posts, but one in particular that caught my attention, on a tip from Professor Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy, is an extraordinary series of posts by the State Department Legal Adviser John Bellinger guest-blogging at Opinio Juris. Bellinger, the top lawyer at the Department of State, published six posts over the course of the past week. The discussion began on Monday morning with an introduction to the Legal Adviser’s office, and then turned to substantive discussions of the treatment of detainees, international humanitarian law, and sovereign immunity.

Next week, Blawg Review #93 by Kevin Thompson at Cyberlaw Central, who hosted Blawg Review #42, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blogosphere. Who knows what he's got planned this year?