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Blawg is dead. Long live blawgs.

Whether they prefer to use the word weblog, blog, or blawg, to refer to a Blogger, TypePad, or WordPress website on the Internet, lawyers who understand search engine optimization appreciate that "blawg" is a very useful tag to identify a law blog. Nobody says lawyers must use the word blawg in connection with their legal blogs -- we're just sayin', the smart ones do.

Ad seen on Technorati search for blawg:
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Highly recommended, by the way.

And the search term "blawg" is increasingly evident as a meaningful keyword on the Google -- which is both the result of, and the reason for, including "blawg" and "blawgs" on legal blogs, like in this footer on
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Tag, you're it, Kevin.

[Update Note: Kevin O'Keefe responds in this post on his blog.]