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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Brit Blawg Review

Justin Patten is hosting Blawg Review #78 this week at Human Law, an affiliate of the Blog Network and the first British lawyer to host the official blog carnival for everyone interested in law. Blawg Review is posted early this week, in part because of the time advantage across the pond, but mostly because Justin is so well-organised and he started early this week to pull together his excellent overview of law blogs from England and around the world.

Justin Patten is a Solicitor and a Technology Catalyst who's recently been commissioned (signed a book deal) to write a book called "Blogging and Other Social Media: Technology and Law." So he knows who's who and what's what in Brit blawgs, and a whole lot more.

This week's Blawg Review has a distinctly British flavour, but includes a number of excellent posts from some of the Colonies, as well, including Australia and Canada, and the United States. From the USA, a post from Bruce MacEwen, who notes on Adam Smith, Esq. that 98 of the Global 100 law firms, ranked by revenue, are from the former British Empire. MacEwen asks, "Can this be accidental? If not, why such a concentration? Is something going on here that we can say anything meaningful about?" Bruce's thoughts on this subject were not lost on Justin, who wisely included that excellent law blog post with others of interest to the global readership of Blawg Review.