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The World Cup Blawg Review

Why the FIFA World Cup Is and Should Be a Big Deal presents an interesting take on the world's football championship, in an article on the Harvard International Review blog, "the Big Picture, taking a worldview of world affairs" that begins:
In an increasingly integrated world with few platforms for international engagement other than war, trade, tourism and sterile political unions, it is understandable that the quadrennial FIFA World Cup has become a major avenue for countries to display their national pride, project their “national character” if there is such a thing, and to unify their diverse populations around a cause.
This is just one of many interesting weblogs introduced by the lawyers at Hull McGuire in their Blawg Review #65, which hits Internet newsreaders worldwide today.

What About Clients?, one of The Strongest Links featured in a recent issue of Law Practice Today by the ABA, takes a worldview of the practice of law because they are a client-centric law firm and, increasingly, their clients are thinking globally. And many of their clients, no doubt, think the FIFA World Cup is a big deal.