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Rethinking Blawg Review

Blawg Review #48 at Rethink(IP), is an online collaboration of three intellectual property attorneys.

The Patent Posse, Matt Buchanan, Steve Nipper, and Doug Sorocco originally met in the legal section of the blogosphere -- they each maintain an intellectual property blog of their own -- and quickly became friends over countless email messages and chat sessions. Then they met in person at BlawgThink! Not long after that Matt Buchanan joined Doug Sorocco's firm, of counsel. Holy Toledo! Isn't it amazing how blogging connects like minds from different places?

These guys are making names for themselves in the blogosphere, individually with their original blogs, Promote the Progress, the Invent Blog and PHOSITA, and collectively, at Rethink(IP).

Their latest invention, the Shape Blog, is a collaborative effort by at least six IP bloggers from The Trademark Blog, TTABlog, and Rethink(IP).

Oh yeah, did I mention their joint effort with Kevin Heller, as founding members of the legal community weblog called Blawgr?

All this has Stephen Nipper asking himself, "How many blogs do you need to have before someone does an intervention?"