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BR #48: The rest of the story...

originally posted by J. Matthew Buchanan on Blawgr

We did a little rethinking on the current edition of Blawg Review. We hosted #48 over at Rethink(IP) and, well, presented it in our own style.

In short:
We think that several popular carnivals, including BlawgReview, have become bloated, link-whore-optimized versions of the original vision for what a carnival should be - an edited review of relevant blog posts presented in a manner that contributes to thought-provoking conversation.
Check out Blawg Review #48 at Rethink(IP). ...and...if you're interested, here's the rest of the story:

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Intellectual Property

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Flashback to Blawg Review Awards 2005 which were judged by She-Hulk, the super-heroine attorney.
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