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With Two You Get Blog Rolls

Responding to Sean Sirrine's Blawg Review #46 at De Novo, our favorite curmudgeon David Giacalone thinks lawyers, law professors, and law students have he has better things to do with their his time than everyone creating and maintaining similar blogrolls on their law blogs.

Hopefully, David and Sean both will like this new collaborative law blogroll, myHq blawgs. It's a work in progress—a labor of link love—and will be developed with features and new categories suggested by law bloggers, from time to time. This blogroll will be updated and maintained by the tireless team of editors at Blawg Review.

If you think this is useful, we'd appreciate if you'd add a link or mention myHq blawgs on your own law blog to help your readers discover this new resource. It's wikid.

Update: Kevin, Esq., at Tech Law Advisor says, "I definitely believe that this is a great project - to collect all the legal blogs on one page, but still feel strongly that permanent links, or an email or a comment (at least for bloggers just starting out) are great so that others know who's reading them."

I agree with Kevin. This collaborative myHq blawgs web page is designed to be something different—to add a lot more good blawgs with a single additional link to a more selective blogroll that reflects the interests of each law blogger. This project is not intended to be as comprehensive as other blawg directories, either, but is just another way for law bloggers to gain exposure. Those who appreciate the value of the "blawg" tag, will notice that this new project already ranks highly on Google for "blawgs" and appears on every linked blog's Technorati search page. - Ed.

Update: Ian Best at 3L Epiphany is working on a taxonomy of legal blogs. So far, he's compiled a list of over 600 legal blogs, and he's still looking for readers to suggest law blogs he's not yet listed. Ian emailed your Editor this nice note about our collaborative blawgroll:
You have a lot of great lists there. You are more inclusive than my project will be (i.e. law students, politics, etc). I realize that our lists will overlap, and you can feel free to include whatever blogs from my own list that you like. Thanks for including 3L Epiphany. I'm also glad that you're keeping track of all the Blawg Review hosts, because those reviews are a great service.
Update: Kurt Hunt at Clever WoT has posted an extensive list of law student blogs, a Law Student Blogger Directory organized by law schools, many of which are incorporated into myHq blawgs.

Update: Thanks to David Giacalone for providing editorial oversight of this post and correcting my mistatement of his opinion, and for having the good judgment to add a link to myHq blawgs to the sidebar of his f/k/a weblog even though he finds it irresistible to mess up the name of that link due to his obsessive compulsive blawg disorder. Be well, my friend.