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Blawg De Novo Review

If you're into law blogs, and on the lookout for the best of law student blogging, you've probably noticed De Novo. As a group blog, De Novo is eclectic—a law blog that showcases a wonderful mix of law students, many of whom have established themselves as outstanding bloggers on their own blogs.

We're quite pleased Blawg Review #46 is being hosted at De Novo by none other than Sean Sirrine, who presented Blawg Review #16 at Objective Justice.

So, we asked Sean Sirrine if he'd give us an introduction to next week's host blawg. And this is what he wants us to look forward to:
De Novo is the premier law student blog that has really gotten law students out of their stuffy nooks and back in the real world. De Novo isn't a place to post legal news items, political snobbery or other non-serious legal topics. (Don't worry it is still one of the best reads in the blogosphere.) I won't name names, but many prominent judges, law professors, and any serious law school blogger read it all the time.

Professor Berman at Sentencing Law and Policy had this to say about De Novo: (discussing a question from 3LEpiphany who is famous for being the first law student to earn credits from blogging) "he also thoughtfully asks whether law student blogs will come to 'achieve greater respectability, and contribute something of value to legal scholarship.' (By my lights, many law student blogs such as Crescat and De Novo and even BTQ already do.)"

Two of the four bloggers that started up De Novo have gone on to fame, but so far nobody is claiming fortune. These are names that are well-known around the blawgosphere: Jeremy Blachman of Anonymous Lawyer fame went on to receive book deals after he was outed and, so far, hasn't had to take the bar. Chris Geidner went on to fame on his prestigious Law Dork which ran away with the 2005 Weblog Award for best law blog. (Plus, he's just a neat guy that generously offered me his seat on De Novo.)

Remaining on the blog as editor-and chief is the deeply mysterious PG who attends Columbia Law and refuses to give anyone her name. (She was probably at the Federalist Society Student Symposium this weekend — she'd be the woman in the back shaking her head.)

Wings and Vodka is a current member of the panel, (although he writes less than me there, which is saying something), and is well-known for his Buffalo Wings and Vodka for which he's considered one of the funniest law students in the blogiverse.

Armen is a studly blogger from U.C. Berkeley over at Nuts and Bolts—an excellent writer that you're likely to see wearing black robes in the future.

Ruth is a what law schools around the country would call an anomaly. Somehow, she manages to be snarky and serious at the same time. If you ever want to know how she is feeling today check her out at Amicus Curiae.

Then of course, there's me, Sean Sirrine, who will be hosting Blawg Review #46 at De Novo. Posting so much over at Objective Justice, lately, I haven't had as much time to play with my friends at De Novo, so I'm really pleased to have this opportunity to host Blawg Review on our group blawg. It's gonna be fun.
Obviously, Blawg Review is in good hands with Sean Sirrine taking on the hosting duties this week, putting together the best of the recent law blog posts at blog De Novo. Lawyers, law students, and law profs can get their own favorite blawg posts reviewed by sending in submissions and recommendations using the easy submission form. Be there.