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Notes from the Underground

Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground presents Blawg Review #38, a helpful list of New Year's resolutions for better blogging. Not your usual eat less, quit smoking, and waste no time blogging, resolutions for the New Year. These resolutions are all doable.

Evan draws from his considerable experience as a leading law blogger—some call him their blawgfather—to compile what might be the best post ever about how to blog. There are lots of valuable tips and tricks for experienced bloggers and newbies alike. And, in Evan's inimitable style, he presents his teachings as learnings; ever the masterful mentor.

Strategically, to start Blawg Review for the new year, Evan has woven into these resolutions some thoughtful examples of the art of the blog by some of our favorite law bloggers. Mr. Schaeffer has served notice that the award for Blawg Review of the Year 2006 will not be taken without a fight, or at least a very clever strategy.