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Previewing Blawg Review #20

The Mommy Blawg recently turned two years old, a time for reflection by this stay-at-home, work-at-home, mommy lawyer, a pregnant mother of two young boys who still finds time to blog.
My introductory post is here. Never turns out quite the way you expected it to, does it?

When I started this blawg two years ago, I was a relative newcomer to the blogosphere. Really, I had only read a few blogs and most of what I knew about blogging came from print media. Not that I am a newbie by any means; on the contrary. I was using the Internet before the World Wide Web as we know it today even existed...

So it took me a little while to find my "voice". At one point, I considered re-launching my blog as an information-only, narrow-topic, no personal information included, blog. I'm glad I didn't. While I greatly respect blawgs that focus on one practice area, and agree that it can be a great marketing tool, it's just not me. I like to read blogs that have some personal content, though not ones that are all personal content. I just can't stand reading those livejournal and xanga blogs that let you know which Flintstone vitamins they ate this morning. But if I'm going to read a blogger on a regular basis, I like to know a little about their personality and what's going on in their life. A little, but not too much.

Anyhow, that debate became a moot point when I launched The Baby Blawg, my online pregnancy journal. I find that I'm much more comfortable posting personal content over there. And my blogging focus has narrowed considerably without my doing so intentionally, as I become more knowledgeable about and interested in certain things.
For example, The Mommy Blawg is the go-to blawg for the latest about the law of breastfeeding and, for patent attorneys who've been reading Blawg Review lately, there's this whacky patent for an "Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force." But there's a whole lot more to discover in the archives of this very original blawg, which can be a refreshing read for any lawyer striving to balance work and life.

This week, The Mommy Blawg presents Blawg Review #20 with a special theme that reveals even more about the personal life of this very entertaining blogger.

As a footnote, in celebration of The Mommy Blawg—and mothers, bellies and babies everywhere—we present this slideshow from the collection of bellymotherbaby photography.

Update 08/30/2005: Reflections on Blawg Review #20