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Blog Carnivals Boost Traffic

Contributors to blog carnivals, like the business bloggers at Carnival of the Capitalists, the medibloggers at Grand Rounds, and the law bloggers here at Blawg Review, have a good idea that participation in blog carnivals results in an increase in blog traffic. For most of us, it's not quite clear how exactily that works, but it makes sense.

Best Practices for Driving Traffic with Blog Carnivals is a very informative blog post that explains in great detail how bloggers can participate in these blog carnivals strategically to boost traffic.

The analysis concludes that law professor Glenn Reynolds is the traffic key. When a blog carnival is announced on his blog,, the carnival host gets a significant traffic spike that is affectionately called an instalanche, which benefits all the bloggers who participate in that blog carnival. For participants in Blawg Review, Professor Reynolds is more than a source of blog traffic; he's a professional colleague, teacher and mentor. And law bloggers value his support and encouragement.

We also appreciate the support that Blawg Review receives from lawyers, law students and law professors who participate as contributors and hosts, and the link love of friends and readers who share our entertaining legal resource with their blog readers each week.