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Anonymous Lawyer

Our friend, the Anonymous Lawyer, has been named one of the fifty coolest websites of 2005 by Time magazine's online edition, and is recognized for Humor in the blog category.
Deadpan and ironic, this delicious insider account of life at a big law firm is pure fiction—and should be required reading for attorneys who haven't yet learned how to laugh at themselves. Being a lawyer, according to the author, boils down to "fooling clients into believing [we] have some real expertise and using fear and manipulation to extort excessive hourly fees." He rails against idiot clients, partners and associates, admitting "you can't work at a place like this and have integrity." But he's not offering apologies, only rationalizations. What separates him from the "truly evil," he writes, is this: "I know when I'm over the line. I do it anyway, but I know."
You know you're funny when the competition is the "hilarious personal blog by one Heather B. Armstrong of Salt Lake City, Utah, a whip-smart, sassy (and sometimes vulgar) stay-at-home mom." Dooce was noted by Time for Motherhood, and Heather can proudly add that recognition to all the Bloggies she won at this year's fifth annual Weblog Awards, where dooce took top honors for most humorous weblog.
Anonymous Lawyer's main cheerleader and deconstructor has been Evan Schaeffer of Notes from the (Legal) Underground, and he sends congratulations out to Jeremy this morning, aptly noting: "Anonymous Lawyer is to big-firm life what Desperate Housewives is to the suburbs."
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