Blawg Review

It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Previewing Blawg Review #12

Kevin J. Heller, an intellectual property, technology and trademark litigation attorney in New York City New Jersey, is hosting the next Blawg Review at the new and improved Tech Law Advisor blog.

Kevin's one of a handful of lawyers who was blogging even before Denise Howell coined the word blawg. Heck, in his introduction post in August 2002, he even calls it a "web log" with the archaic two word variation of weblog.
The goals of the Tech Law Advisor web log are to provide information, resources and news commentary on issues at the intersection of Law, Technology and Liberty, especially to point out those times where individuals are attempting to use "law" to hinder and trample the rights of others; whether this be the right to share music, link to other web sites or to simply contract freely. Its long term goal is to help promote democratic values in a digital age, to study how new media alter culture and society and to investigate how law and technology interact.
Years later, this blawgfather is still living on the bleeding edge of the blogosphere. A scary place for most lawyers, Kevin is right in his element, applying technology in the practise of law.

[client] finds it frustrating that his lawyers want to come in, solve a problem, and then get out -- but don't want to learn about the business, don't want to really work with the client and develop a relationship as an advisor, and don't really want to act as a team
Heller is a real "team player" when it comes to working with other lawyers on innovative projects like, and Blawg Review itself, which found its legs as a collaborative internet project for law bloggers based on Kevin's initiative and the "proof of concept" he started on his own―with the moniker "Belly Up to the Bar". Did we mention he's got a great sense of humor?