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It's not just a blog carnival; it's the law! ~ a fool in the forest

Previewing Blawg Review #11

Al Nye the Lawyer Guy is among the best attorneys in the nation, but he doesn't know very many of them. Even though he's practiced law for over 25 years he is outstanding among his peers who blog because "lawyers typically are horrible writers" in Maine.

Al Nye the Lawyer Guy is a great read for lawyers who read blawgs and, for those who read books, he has book reviews too. And he also writes about law on his other blog, the Maine Divorce Law Blog, which is written as a guide to all aspects of Maine family law, including divorce, separation, child support, mediation, spousal support, child custody and property rights, and search engine optimization.

This guy Al Nye really knows how to blog; so if you want to increase your Google PageRank you'd be doing yourself a huge favor by submitting one of your posts for Blawg Review this week. Just send it in right now and over the weekend Al Nye will run with it.