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Overlawyered on Blawg Review

Walter Olson, who can't get enough of lawyers, really knows how to get the most out of participation in Blawg Review.

In a well-crafted post, he notes that Blawg Review #11 is up at Al Nye the Lawyer Guy, who picked up one of his posts from Overlawyered this week. Walter points to a couple of highlights of this week's issue that should be of interest to the many readers of Overlawyered. Much traffic followed the links back to Al Nye the Lawyer Guy.

By the way, did we mention that Blawg Review will be hosted at Overlawyered on November 21st? I look forward to seeing if Walter picks only blawg posts that are consistent with the Overlawyered thesis. If so, that would be quite different from a typical Blawg Review.